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Slacking Off at Work

Play Office Slacking 12 Game

Office Slacking 12

The holiday season is over and now it's time to get back to work. Boo! There are piles of paperwork to ...

Play Christmas Slacking 2013 Game

Christmas Slacking 2013

Ho ho ho! The Christmas season is upon us and that means Santa will need help from the elves in his wor...

Play Crazy Dancing Slacking Game

Crazy Dancing Slacking

The boys that make up the band One Direction are young and fun. When they're not on stage, they love to...

Play Office Slacking 11 Game

Office Slacking 11

Yawn! Another boring day awaits Sarah in the office and she cant wait to get home from work and relax w...

Play Office Slacking 9 Game

Office Slacking 9

Sarah isn't happy at being at work when the sun is shining outside. Help her entertain herself in this ...

Play President Slacking Game

President Slacking

Sarah has landed the biggest job of them all... To be President of the United States of America! It's a...

Play April Fool Slacking 2014 Game

April Fool Slacking 2014

It's April Fool's Day and Sarah has found a job working at a Joke Store. But the joke is on her as work...

Play Disco Slacking Game

Disco Slacking

It's the new semester and Sarah's college fraternity is having a disco! Sarah loves to dance and show o...

Play Computer Slacking Game

Computer Slacking

It's sunny outside but Sarah is stuck in the school library typing up an important essay. Being sat on ...

Play New Year Slacking 2014 Game

New Year Slacking 2014

Happy New Year! Its time to celebrate the New Year with Sarah again! Its almost 12 o clock and Sarah is...

Play Back To Work Game

Back To Work

There is always a cruel boss behind hard-working employees, help this poor guy to take nap, play game o...

Play Chinese New Year Slacking 2015 Game

Chinese New Year Slacking 2015

Its time to start the Chinese New Year! Its going to be the year of the sheep. Sarah wants to join the ...

Play Office Slacking 13 Game

Office Slacking 13

Spring is almost here and Sarah wants to go outside and smell the sweet flowers in the park. But she's ...

Play Home Slacking Game

Home Slacking

Sarah is supposed to be doing her homework! But she doesn't want to - she wants to slack off! Help her ...

Play Office Slacking 8 Game

Office Slacking 8

Sarah is looking forward to easter celebrations at the weekend! Help her to do some Easter Office slack...

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